O&G Trading


We started to work in e-commerce from auction services, selling small articles with little revenue and no attractive graphical offer templates. The company started to grow, untill we decided to open our first online store.


The next step in development of our company was to aquire extensive know-how on Drupal CMS. Integration of our own scripts with the CMS and extending of our own module database allows us to realise most of incoming orders fast and effectively. Currently we have over 50 modules for administrative tasks, tools, optimisation and display purposes for easy implementation on our customers' sites.

Our own e-commerce platform

We used our knowlege in the field of programming and web technologies to create our own set of Drupal 7 modules, sufficient to create a modern, professional online store. It offers flexibility in design and much more possibilities than free open-source solutions and subscription-based paid platforms, including accounting integration and warehouses management.

Web portals

The aquired knowledge allows us presently to develop complex web portals with many functionalities such as selling content, integration with outside sites and systems (invoice, content repositories, youtube, paypal, facebook etc.).

International clients

We recently started cooperation with clients worldwide, doing projects for companiesĀ in Spain, Denmark, UK , India and US.